Open Day

Saturday June 25, 2022

Erbil Rotana career opportunity, career, job opportunity, alumni act 10:00 AM

Event Details

One of the essential element of LFU’s mission is applying knowledge to promote the development of industry, economy, culture and society in Kurdistan and it’s region. We sincerely believe that LFU students and alumni are now a great source of inspiration and are a genuine and powerful workforce that play an important role in the development of local economy of the region. On June 25, 2022, we are hosting the first LFU Youth Empowerment event to bring together the current LFU students and alumni who have successfully launched or about to lunch their businesses at an exhibition in Rotana Hotel.

The purpose of this event is to promote participating companies and improve their networking experience. In Addition, the event will create very valuable career opportunities for the students and guests to brush their business insights and share their business ideas, life lessons, as well as the inspirations they received during their enrollment at LFU. The event is organized in partnership between LFU and companies such as: 1- Rwanga Foundation 2- Hayatt regency 3- Rotana Hotel 4- Divan Hotel 5- Christal Hotel 6- Rotana Hotel 7- Ramada Hotel ; The Cihan Group companies will attend the event. The event will be in Rotana Hotel, starts at 10:00 AM.

بەشی کارگێری گەشتوگوزار لە زانکۆ لوبنانی فەرەنسی لەرێگەی ئەنجامدانی چاڵاکیەکەوە دەرفەتی کار بۆ دەرچووانی و قوتابیانی سەرجەم بەشەکانی دەرەخسێنێت و چەندین کۆمپانیا و دامەزراوە بەشدار دەبن لەم چاڵاکیەدا لەوانەش: ١- دامەزراوەی روانگە ٢- حەیات ریجێنسی ٣- هۆتێل رۆتانا ٤- هۆتێل دیڤان ٥- هۆتێل کریستاڵ ٦- هۆتێل رامادە چاڵاکیەکە لە رۆژی شەمە ٢٥/٦/٢٠٢٢ لە هۆتێل رۆتانا ئەنجام دەدرێت سەرجەم قوتابیان ئاگادار دەکەیەنەوە کەوا تاوەکو ٢٠/٦/٢٠٢٢ ناوی خۆیان لەرێگەی سەرۆک بەشەکانەوە بنێرن و سی ڤی خۆیان بە ئینگلیزی ئامادە بکەن و لەگەڵ خۆیان بیهێنن. تێبینی/ کۆمپانیاکانی سەر بە گروپی جیهان بەشدار دەبن

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